An Inconvenient Purpose

Linking Godly Stewardship and Alternative Energy

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Writer of the Year - 2009

Glory and honor to God for the Heart of America Christian Writer's Network naming Richard Gasaway "Writer of the Year" for 2009.

"It energizes me to receive recognition from professional Christian writers for the perseverance it took to bring An Inconvenient Purpose to publication. Let God use this for the glory of His kingdom."

How should Christians respond to climate change? Should we drill for more oil? Build more nuclear power plants? Invest in wind, solar, or other alternative energy resources? What does responsible Christian stewardship of the Earth look like?

If you’ve ever wondered . . .

. . . then this book will be an indispensable resource for you. Author Richard Gasaway offers helpful information and useful suggestions for Christians who care about leading the way to a better, cleaner world for everyone. Here’s what others have to say:

When we have discussions on sustainability and "green", we need to remind ourselves that we are called to be good stewards of the resources the Lord has blessed us with. Psalms 23:1 says: "The Lord is my Shepherd, he hath provided everything I need." I challenge each one of us to be those chosen stewards. Rick's book is biblically based and written from a Christian perspective.

- Bob Dixson
Mayor of Greensburg Kansas

Rick Gasaway articulates in clear, compelling language the ways in which we all need to band together to solve our most pressing environmental problems. While I do not agree with every premise, I laud his courageous effort to thoughtfully bridge the environmental divide and acknowledge the powerful role of faith in forging a cleaner, greener energy future.

- Simran Sethi
Lacy C. Haynes Professional Chair
University of Kansas School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Lawrence, KS

The writer of Proverbs wrote, "There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death." Centuries later Reinhold Niebuhr wrote, "The trustful acceptance of false solutions for our perplexing problems adds a touch of pathos to the tragedy of our age." Man too often only listens to himself. Now Rick Gasaway suggests we might benefit by listening rather to the creator of life and the world we occupy. We might then get direction and insight into our selfishness and see that by putting others first we take care of the problems humans encounter on their own. Here is an educating, although sometimes deep for the less technical, challenging call to a change in thinking as we seek to be good stewards of the world we call home for only a short time. A must read for those who are serious about leaving this world a better place because they lived here.

- Pastor Ken Sype
Overland Park, Kansas